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“I want to jolt older Australians out of their complacency and remind them that osteoporosis screening is the big opportunity to help enjoy life to the fullest - or risk a life of missed opportunity.”

Ita Buttrose AC, OBE

The Big O Ambassador

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“The important thing to know is that bone density testing is a birthday present when you turn 70. It's reimbursed by the Government and a DEXA scan will alert your GP if your skeleton is showing signs of bone loss and if you need to take action.”

Professor Peter Ebeling AO

Chair of Healthy Bones Australia and Head, Department of Medicine, Monash University

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“Our sexual identity and the ability to connect sexually with others is important regardless of our age or health status.”

Dr Terri Foran

Sexual Health Physician

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“No one had talked about menopause to me… I had to do my own research about what was going on in our bodies.”

Jean Kittson

Media Personality and Author

Osteoporosis and Intimacy

The Big O Survey revealed that 17% of women and 21% of men over 70 believe osteoporosis would impact intimacy and sexual activity.

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Osteoporosis Risk Factors and Prevention

  • Two in three Australians over 70 are at risk of osteoporosis.1,2
  • Untreated osteoporosis can be life-threatening, with one in four people dying within 12 months of a hip fracture.3
  • More than five million Australians over the age of 50 have poor bone health.4

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Osteoporosis Diagnosis - Time to DEXA!

  • The Big O survey results showed only 19% of over 70-year-old Australians have had a DEXA scan in the last twelve months.
  • This is compared to 82% who had a flu vaccination, 74% who had an eye test, 65% who had a dental check-up and 38% who had a hearing test
  • Alarmingly, only a third (37%) of over 70s believe osteoporosis doesn’t show any symptoms.

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Osteoporosis is more common than people think and can be hugely debilitating. Despite pervasive myths, osteoporosis doesn't just affect women, men can get it too. Two in three Australians aged over 50 years are affected by osteoporosis or have 'thin bones' (Osteopenia) that can lead to osteoporosis.1

After menopause women are at greater risk than men because of the rapid decline in oestrogen levels. When oestrogen levels decrease, bones lose calcium and other minerals at a much faster rate. Men also lose bone as they age; however, testosterone levels in men decline more gradually, so their bone mass remains adequate until much later in life.

You may be eligible for a DEXA bone density scan. Ask your doctor or your imaging service provider

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For further information talk to your doctor.
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