Real people discover what life would be like with Osteoporosis.

You talk about everything together, so be sure to talk about osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is more common than breast and cervical cancer combined.1,2 If you have weak bones, a fall could cause a break and you may lose your mobility.3,4 Osteoporosis is serious but treatable.4 You already get pap smears and mammograms, ask your doctor about a bone scan. If you’re over 50 and have had a fracture, or over 70 years old you’re at risk of osteoporosis.5. Bone scans are as easy as an X-ray and take less than 30 minutes.

In the videos below, we hear from three sets of real mothers and daughters as they find out what life would be like living with the Big O - Osteoporosis.


Imagine having to make your mum breakfast in bed every day.

We all enjoy spoiling mum on special occasions. But how would life be different if mum has osteoporosis? This silent disease can go undetected until a simple fall breaks a bone and mum loses her mobility.3,4 In this video, a mother and daughter, Lyn and Jess, discover how an enjoyable task would become a daily burden.


What happens when the big o - osteoporosis cuts into quality mother and daughter time?

Mums. They love to make a fuss over their daughters. In this video, Mabel and Muoi find out the emotional impact of osteoporosis on their relationship.


When you can no longer do your favourite activity together.

Shopping. It’s one of our favourite ways to spend time together. So, how would osteoporosis change a simple trip to the shops? In this video, a real mother and daughter Nichole and Helene discover how The Big O – Osteoporosis would impact their favourite past time.

Are you at risk?

Osteoporosis often affects women over the age of 50, but men are at risk too. If you’ve broken a bone in a minor bump or fall, you could have osteoporosis.5 There are many factors that can increase your risk of osteoporosis including, family history; low calcium or vitamin D levels; medical history; and lifestyle.5

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